Benefits of Kung Fu


Our school’s daily routine is a total-body workout.


We begin each session with specialized stretching to ensure your muscles and joints are properly prepared to prevent injury. Next we’ll take you through kicking, punching, and stance drills designed to get your heart rate going.


The forms of Tay Son Nhan contain the self-defense techniques of our system combined into an artful dance of martial arts strength. Hidden inside each for are some of the most devestating self defense and fighting techniques that you can find. They are designed to build muscle memory and the fluidity that is key to Kung Fu.

Coming to class ensures a complete workout several times a week.


A key component of Tay Son Nhan is to teach the ability to defend yourself or your loved ones should you be threatened. Therefore our school teaches real-world fighting techniques under full supervision and a safe, friendly environment.

Our students also learn specialized techniques for tournament fighting, and you could say they learn them well. Nearly every student from this school that goes to a tournament brings home a trophy, and we have produced many, many state champions.




Sifu Tony Jordan and all instructors command the class with authority. The focus of martial arts is to discipline your mind and body; to refine them into a better-functioning whole.

Attention is paid constantly to teaching respect for yourself, your classmates, your Sifu, and all others.

Students of Tay Son Nhan learn that fighting is the last resort, and are disciplined to avoid it at all costs, and never to instigate.

Whether you are looking to instill discipline in your child or further it within yourself, the Shaolin/ Kickboxing Institute is the place.




Imagine being prepared for any situation–having a body and mind so fine-tuned that they’re ready to react any given second, and having the skills necessary to defend yourself and your loved ones should the need arise.

Tay Son Nhan is an excellent system to help you build self-confidence. You will learn progressively complex self-defense techniques, your stamina will steadliy improve, your physique will become more athletic, and you will be able to walk proud that you are an elite member of an authentic martial arts system with a direct lineage to the Shaolin Temple.