Kung Fu


South Shaolin Kung Fu

Whether you’re 4 years of age or 64, Tay Son Nhan – South Shaolin Kung Fu is designed to challenge your mind and body. The primary focus of this system is Self Defense. In these classes you will learn every aspect of Martial Arts: Concentration, Discipline, Self Awareness, Flexibility, Physical Fitness, Confidence, and Self Defense. Certified Black Belt Instructors, whose main concern is to offer top quality training to every student, teach all classes.

Each class is taught a little different to add variety and excitement to the routine, eliminating the boredom that many martial arts schools have. At the same time repetition is the key to training your body and mind to react properly. As a result if you happen to miss a class, don’t worry–you will definitely learn all of ths skills required for each level.

Tay Son Nhan – South Shaolin Kung Fu dates back to the Southern Shaolin Temples in China. It also offers a rich heritage of more than 100 years in Vietnam before Master Hong Nhan brought this system to the United States. Here in the U.S.A. Tay Son Nhan is quickly becoming renowned for its easy to learn and extremely effective techniques!